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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my questions answered about my Custom Comparison Report?
A Simply Sold Agent will review your Custom Comparison Report with you so you get all your questions answered and guidance to pursue the home sale path that best matches your situation and goals. The process is easy, fast and stress-free.
What are the 3 different sale options included in my Custom Comparison Report?
Options will vary depending on the details of your property and may include selling “on” vs “off” the market; selling in As-is vs slightly “refreshed” condition; selling to a builder or cash investor and more.
Am I required to choose one of the sale options presented?
No. Simply Sold Home Offers wants to educate and inform you of your different home sale options. As a result you’ll gain clarity to decide a home sale path that fits you the best so you use your time and efforts most efficiently from the start.
What is the criteria for homes or properties that can be submitted?
Any property, in any condition can be submitted. Tenant occupied properties can also be submitted to our platform. All homeowners will benefit from becoming fully informed of their sale options.
Do I have to submit photos in order to get my Custom Comparison Report?
No. If we need more information after you submit your address we will let you know, but photos will not be required.
I have received postcards, letters, calls and texts from cash buyers for my home. Should I respond to them?
We recommend requesting your Simply Sold Custom Comparison Report as a first step to get initial clarity and valuable information before spending countless hours dealing with investors and builders one by one. If your property is a good candidate for a builder or an investor we will include that information in your Custom Comparison Report.
How fast will I receive my comparison with 3 sale options?
Within 24 to 48 hours from submitting your adresss and information. No cost, no obligation.
Will my comparison also include information on the current full market value of my home?

Yes, we’ll include the full market value with estimated net proceeds as one of the comparison options. This will make it easier for you to make a fully informed decision when you are considering to sell your home on or off the market.

Can Simply Sold Home Offers help me find a buyer too?
Yes. Simply Sold Home Offers can help you get your property in front of multiple verified buyers that are the best match for your wants, needs, goals and situation.
I’ve already received offers from builders and investors so why should I submit my property?
First, we can potentially present you with additional offers from our network of qualified builders and investors so you receive multiple offers for your home. Second, you should compare all offers against an independent assessment of the full market value of your home so you are making a fully informed decision.
What if I’ve already listed my home with an agent or signed a listing agreement with an agent?
In that case we will need to communicate with your agent instead of directly with you. We are here to help.
Who are the people behind Simply Sold Home Offers?
Simply Sold Home Offers was founded by Julie Clark with EXP Realty. Her team specializes in providing homeowners with transparency and ease to view all their home sale options on or off market. Julie is also the founder of Seattle Investors Club and has a vast network of qualified builders and investors to share with homeowners. Contact Julie directly at (206) 910-2985 or julie.clark@exprealty.com.
What are your service areas?
All of Western Washington.